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Dc Drichog Chotrin Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks made in Bhutan. Organic,non toxic and safe.
Bhutan made Incense sticks,all organic and non toxic


Bhutanese Incense hand made with locally available ingredients including Safflower and Bhutanese medicinal herbs used as an offering to the Gods and local guardian deities. This Incense is said to have a CALMING Effect.

This special DRICHOG CHOTRIN incense is strictly made from the ancient and centuries old formula created by Guru Rimpoche’s Treasure Revealer Terton Sangye Lingpa who is the founder of the Sangye Teng monastery in Eastern BHUTAN.

Incense Properties: Each Roll contains a minimum of 28 to 30 Sticks. LENGTH : 8.5 Inches

CAUTION: Use with care in safe environment and keep away from the reach of small children

NOTE : All the Incense Sticks may not be 100%  same color since the Incense is handmade from Natural Ingredients and there could be some color change due to level of moisture in the air at the time of natural drying process.



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