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Genuine BHUTANese Products


Dc Drichog Chotrin Incense Sticks

Bhutan made Incense sticks,all organic and non toxic DC (DRICHOG CHOTRIN) Incense - Bhutan Jewel Incense - ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS Bhutanese Incense hand made with locally available ingredients including Safflower…


Incense Sticks

“Bhutan Jewel Incense – Lost Fragrance of the Mountain Gods” Bhutan is a natural paradise, truly where Gods reside. The bountiful Natural Environment with good rains, plenty of sunshine and…


Incense Powder (Sang)

Bhutan Jewel Incense – Nomadic Sang From the Mountains of Bhutan USES: Highland Nomads from the Bhutan Mountains chop and grind the mountain herbs, roots and tree barks to be…


Statues & Idols

BHUTAN STATUES and IDOLS Statue Making OR Bronze Casting is one of the Thirteen Traditional Crafts of Bhutan. The statue making is supervised by the Royal Government of Bhutan with…


Scrolls (Thanka)

Thankas or Religious Scrolls are very popular in Bhutan. We have many festivals in Bhutan in honor of Guru Pasmasambhava popularly known as Guru Rimpoche and in all these festivals…


Sky Dancer Incense Powder

Premium Bhutanese Incense Powder From the Sacred Region of SINGYE DZONG ( The LION FORTRESS ) Singye Dzong is one of the most sacred nye (Holy site) in BHUTAN. It…


TARA - Vegetarian Incense Sticks

Vegetarian Organic and Natural Incense Sticks from Bhutan. TARA - VEGETARIAN Incense - Bhutan Jewel Incense - ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and Non Toxic VEGETARIAN Incense for Purification, Prosperity and Wholesome…


Norbu Bhutan Incense

All Natural, Non Toxic Incense made in Bhutan NORBU Incense - Bhutan Jewel Incense – ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS Norbu is synonymous with a “Precious Jewel”. In Bhutan we light this…


Bhutan Organic Green Tea

Bhutan Green Tea (Tr0) - A Royal Cup of the Past – Organically Grown In BHUTAN for a Rare and Exotic Flavor The Second King of Bhutan brought the first…